About us: Magnum Pi was born in one of the many lockdowns of 2020 as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. Jason found himself with some extra time on his hands, and wanted to create and share something special that could be enjoyed at home. Starting as an online business model offering delivery across Melbourne, fast forward to 2023, we are proud to offer freshly baked pies from our Richmond store. 
About Jason Kubasek: Jason is an old school Melbourne graffiti artist and chef, he loves creating and baking. His famous PIE recipe has been perfected over 30 years in the food industry, honing the flavours and technique. Jason first started baking with his Mother and Grandmother in their family businesses, learning the skills and expertise passed down through the generations of their family. In his early 20’s fuelled by passions for both baking and the snow, he started a business independently to fund his weekend skiing adventures: baking PIE’s midweek and delivering between Melbourne and Mt Bulla on Fridays. Weekends were spent on the slopes skiing, returning to Melbourne on Monday morning to rest, before doing it all again the following weekend. Jasons passion is in creating exciting new dishes, drawing on experiences from traveling and many years in the hospitality industry, while sticking to his authentic home style cooking philosophy.
 His extensive experience in the food industry includes: owning a successful cake manufacturing business in the late 1990's - early 2000's, delivering to over 400 customers around Melbourne each week, including David Jones and Myer. Jason has lead kitchen teams as Head Chef in many well known establishments, including, Pillar of Salt Cafe in Richmond, Good Times Milk Bar in Bentleigh, and High Society in Armadale. Jason also offers an accomplished menu consulting service.
When he’s not cooking Jason enjoys spending time on his other passion: street art. Jason has been writing IDSME (pronounced it’s-me, he didn’t like writing 'T' so he changed the spelling to a D) since the early 1980’s. He had a 15 year break until the mid 2000’s and now does some commissioned work and collaborations with other street artists. Magnum Pi is his latest venture. We hope you will enjoy his delicious PIE’s as much as we do!
Jason Kubasek Artist and Chef